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Nu Smile Crowns in Merced, CA

NuSmile Crowns are stainless steel crowns with a bonded tooth colored cosmetic facing. Crowns are completed in one visit. They also provide the added benefit of being a very durable and reliable restoration.

They are needed when decay has destroyed a tooth to such a degree that there is little of the tooth remaining or the tooth has received a pulpotomy (nerve removed) because of deep decay. They will last until the tooth falls out around the age of 5-7. The crowned tooth will usually fall out normally when the permanent tooth comes in.

To take care of them, avoid eating sticky foods like caramel, gum and taffy. Also avoid chewing on hard candy, ice, and popcorn kernels. If crown comes off, please return to the office for tooth to be evaluated. Safeguard as possible against any trauma or hard blows to the teeth.

Home care for this procedure is important. Where the crown meets the gum tissue is an area where bacteria can live and cause decay. It is important that parents supervise the cleaning of the area. Make sure your child brushes not only his teeth but where their teeth meet the gum tissue. It is also important to floss once a day. Pull floss through and out, and up and down to minimize risk of crown coming off.