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Services & Information

Our office offers a variety of services to assess all your dental needs. See the links on the side for a brief explanation of each service or ask our staff – we'll be happy to answer any questions.

Helpful Orthodontic Information
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* Root Canal and Wisdom Teeth Treatment - Upon examination, if dental procedure is necessary, a referral to a specialist may be given.


Overjet – Upper front teeth protrude
Underbite – Lower front teeth protrude
Deep Bite – Upper front teeth cover lower front teeth too much
Open Bite - Back teeth are together with space between the upper and lower front teeth
Crowding – Upper and/or lower teeth are crowed
Crossbite – Upper back teeth fit inside of lower teeth
Mid-line misalignment - Midlines of upper and lower arches don't line up
Excess spacing – This is excess space between teeth

Types of Appliances

Rapid Palatal Expander – This special appliance widens the roof of the mouth, allowing room for crowded teeth to grow naturally, and/or expands the upper jaw to more closely fit the lower jaw.
Functional Appliance – A removable retainer used to redirect jaw growth.
Lingual Arch – Fits on the inside of the lower teeth, from molar to molar, acting as a space maintainer.
Herbst Appliance – A fixed functional appliance available in a variety of designs to achieve multifunctional treatment goals such as expansion, space opening or closure, or high angle open bite intrusion.
Headgear – Typically worn to move the upper molars back or hold the upper jaw back, slowing its growth, while the lower jaw is free to grow forward.
FaceMask – Used when the upper jaw and/or teeth need to be brought forward.


What if the bands and/or brackets become loose?
Answer: The seal created by the cement has broken. Call the office and schedule an appointment. If the band or bracket detach from the wire, save it and take it with you to your next appointment.

What if the archwire or headgear is broken, or if a hook or ligature is lost?
Answer: Try tucking it in with the eraser part of a pencil. If that doesn't work, dry it with a napkin and place wax over the tip of the wire to prevent further irriation. Wax can be applied to a bracket or hook that is causing discomfort.

What if the mouth feels sore?
Answer: To relieve some of the soreness, rinse your mouth with warm salt water.

What if my child plays sports?
Answer: Be sure to mention this to your orthodontist so that he/she can suggest the proper protection such as a mouth guard.



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